Spirit Rock Meditation Center

Spirit Rock Meditation Center

Silent Meditation Retreat Centers: US & Canada

Researching and arranging your first silent meditation retreat can be a daunting experience. I have attended retreats at the centers listed here and have had meaningful, transformative experiences at all of them. Please visit their websites for more information on their offerings and requirements for participation.

1. Southern Dharma: Hot Springs, North Carolina (Near Asheville); New and experienced students; Sliding scale tuition; Accommodation options; Vegetarian meals

2. Vipasssana Meditation Centers: World-wide locations; New and experienced students; Donation only; Shared rooms at some locations; Vegetarian meals

3. Insight Meditation Society: Barre, Massachusettes; New and experienced students; Sliding scale tuition; Private rooms;  Vegetarian meals

4. Spirit Rock Meditation Center: Woodacre, California; New and experienced students; Sliding scaled tuition; Some private rooms; Vegetarian meals

5. Bhavana Society: Highview, West Virginia; New and experienced students; Donation only; Some private rooms; Vegetarian meals; Monastics in residence

6. Arrow River Forest Hermitage: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada; Experienced students (Self-retreats for students with some experience in teacher-led retreat environments such as those at IMS, Southern Dharma, Vipassanna Society, etc.); Brief daily interviews with resident monastic, Ajahn Punnadhammo; Private cabins; Vegetarian diets accommodated; “Rustic”: No electricity or plumbing in cabins

These retreat centers are by no means an exhaustive list; they only represent my range of experience. For  other recommendations:

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