5-Week Mindful Living Series


An exploration in meeting the momentum of everyday life with the tools of everyday mindfulness

Hello, everyone! And welcome to the course!

I hope the following information will be helpful as you prepare for class tomorrow. Please feel free to email me with questions (burkettdl@upmc.edu) or to post them on this page.

Class Location: Cohen University Center, 1st Floor, new Studio Theater

Class Time: 10:30-noon; please arrive on time (or a little early), and please arrange to stay until the end of class if at all possible.

  • Wednesdays: May 31-June 28, 2017

Using Chairs, Meditation Cushions, Yoga Mats & Blocks:

From the beginning we will be engaging in meditation practice together. To facilitate this, I’ve asked that the room be set up in a chair circle. This will mean that sometimes we will be in chairs (if that’s comfortable for you), and sometimes we will move to the floor (if that’s appropriate for you). Please bring any props/blocks/cushions that are helpful to you.

I’m happy to help anyone with modifications for any of the meditation practices.

Please note that practicing on the floor is NOT required to benefit from this course. Mindful awareness can be cultivated in any position!

What to Wear:

If possible please wear loose, comfortable clothes, in particular clothing that does not restrict your waist or your breathing. Also if you plan to lie down on the floor, please consider wearing clothing that allows this to be as comfortable as possible.

What to Bring:

Yoga mat—If you plan to practice on the floor, this will be important. The first class will include an invitation to practice lying down. Subsequent classes will involve gentle yoga postures, which can be modified for chair yoga. If you can’t bring a yoga mat, we will do our best to provide one.

Layered clothing or a blanket—In campus buildings it can be difficult to control room temperature, so please bring layered clothing or a blanket. During meditation, when/if the relaxation response kicks in, body temperature drops. This may sound nice, but it can be quite uncomfortable when you’re being asked to lie still.

What NOT to Bring:

Note-taking materials and computers—I’ll ask that there be no note taking. This course has a pace and design which is meant to be experienced in the moment. Please allow yourself the opportunity to be in the moment as fully as possible by not taking notes. Also, this course involves discussion of what is happening for us in our meditation practice, and although these discussions do not necessarily involve personal stories, having someone writing in class can be unsettling and distracting.

Water bottles and food—We will be using a room that doesn’t allow food or drink. You are welcome to leave the classroom at any convenient time for water or other breaks as you need to. Self-care is a foundation of this course, and it will be regularly emphasized.




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