Author, Meditation Teacher, Founder of Insight Meditation Society

Photo Credit:“Something quite extraordinary can happen in even five minutes. The first time I sat, I was in the Peace Corps in Thailand and going to these Buddhist discussion groups. I was the guy who was asking a million questions and wouldn’t shut up. People literally stopped attending because I was there. [Laughter.] Finally, one of the monks said, “Why don’t you try meditating?”

So I got all my paraphernalia and I set my alarm clock so I wouldn’t over-sit. Even though it was just five minutes, something extraordinary happened. It’s not that I achieved any great state, but I discovered that there was a way to look into the mind as well as look out through it. It was a revelation to see that there was a methodology for looking inward, regardless of what one found. Up until that point I’d always been looking outward. It set me on the path.”

~Joseph Golstein in an interview with Dan Harris, October 2014

Joseph Goldstein is one of the founders of the Insight Meditation Society (IMS), a meditation retreat center in Barre, MA. You can find his podcasts on and on the IMS Audio Resources page.

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