Please email me ( to inquire about participation.

Class Description: Postures taught in this class include standing, seated, supine, prone, and balance, with emphasis on alignment and usage of yoga props (blocks, straps, bolsters, the wall) to facilitate a safe, thorough experience of the postures. Emphasis on mindful awareness is maintained throughout the class and follows the Kripalu system of “Breath, Feel, Observe, and Allow.” Class begins and ends with brief meditation instructions.

This is not a “flow” class. This class is more physically rigorous than the Monday 2pm Gentle Yoga Class.

All experience levels welcome. Modifications for all postures gladly offered. Feel free to come early to speak with me about specific issues and how we might work with them.

Day & Time: Mondays, 5:30-6:45pm

Cost: $50 for four sessions or $15 to drop in

Location: UPMC Center for Integrative Medicine; 580 S. Aiken Ave. Suite 310

Materials Suggested: yoga block, yoga strap (yoga mats are provided)


About Mindfulness and Yoga: Practicing a sustained, mindful awareness of the body provides a way to cultivate a particular kind of relationship with the body and with what is arising in the present moment. Learning to intentionally meet the experience of each yoga posture with mindful awareness, an open, non-judgmental, non-competitive awareness, has profound implications for how we can also meet the situations, people, and anxieties of life off the yoga mat.