Weekly Mindfulness-Based Meditation Group–Welcome!!

Tuesday, May 16th, will be our last meeting. I’ll hope to see you there if you can attend!

This is an OPEN MEDITATION GROUP. You may attend at any time, and a weekly commitment is not required.

LOCATION: Stephen Foster Community Center (Lawrenceville), 286 Main St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201 **To get into the building press the “call” button at the side entrance.**

Weekly Meditation Group Location, Stephen Foster Community Center in Lawrenceville

Weekly Meditation Group Location, Stephen Foster Community Center

DAY/TIME: Tuesdays, 10-11:30am

COST: Donation-Based; $3 minimum suggested donation to support Stephen Foster Community Center. Donations over $3 support the teacher.

All experience levels welcome. 

RANDOM REQUEST: Please avoid wearing scented products to this meeting.

TEACHER: Deanna Burkett, MA, MS, teaches Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Yoga at the UPMC Center for Integrative Medicine. She was introduced to formal meditation practice in 2007 during her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. Her meditation practice is rooted in the Thai Forest Tradition, and meditation instructions given in the weekly classes are influenced by the teachings of Thanissaro Bhikkhu, an American Buddhist monk and abbot of Metta Forest Monastery in Valley Center, CA.

More about Deanna

More about Thanissaro Bhikkhu:



CLASS DESCRIPTION: Meditation involves training the mind to see more clearly, which can help us break harmful mental habits and cultivate beneficial ones. Training the mind is like most other trainings. It takes practice, patience, and persistence. And it is best undertaken with the support of others: 1) people with more experience and 2) people who are similarly invested.

Weekly meditation meetings will include instruction and support in:

1) How to meditate

2) How meditation supports daily life

3) How daily life supports meditation

Participants will be given free resources for meditating between meetings. Participants click here for recordings. 

IMPORTANT: Weekly meetings will NOT include philosophical discussion and debate. Meetings are teacher-led and offered as a “how to” opportunity for people interested in learning a method, applying it, and testing the results for themselves.

Answers to FAQs: To participate in this meeting:

1) You do NOT have to sit on the floor. Chairs will be available.

2) You do NOT have to adopt any new beliefs. Meditation involves testing results for yourself.

3) You do NOT have to wear special clothing, just something comfortable if possible.